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The Gouves Garden complex consists of three apartments, (which can accommodate 8 to 10 people with a minimum stay of 3 days) which are rented as one, depending on the period and duration of the reservation, according to the following holiday packages:
a) Low Season, (April and October)
3 days: €900
7 days: €1,950
14 days: €3,700
21 days: €5,000
28 days: €5,800
b) Middle Period, (May and September)
3 days: €1,100
7 days: €2,420
14 days: €4,500
21 days: €6,200
28 days: €7,500
c) High Season, (June, July and August)
3 days: €1,200
7 days: €2,650
14 days: €4,950
21 days: €6,850
28 days: €8,300

Days of stay in addition to each package will be calculated proportionally to the cost of stay of the previous package.
Accommodation between different periods will be calculated with the proportionality of the reservation days to the accommodation cost of the same package in the different periods. E.g. Purchase of a 28-day package on April 20th through May 18th will be calculated as follows:
10 days times 4,900/28=€1,750 + 18 days times 6,000/28=€3,857 and therefore the payable amount will be: €1,750+€3,857=€5,607
The price includes taxes and initial cleaning costs. The customer is obliged to deliver the facilities in the original condition in which they were received in terms of cleanliness and integrity (damages, abnormal wear, etc.). The facilities have an automatic washing machine and the required laundry detergent is provided free of charge.
Payment is made in any way convenient for you (bank deposit, card, Pay Pal, or cash on arrival).

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